Getting Rid of Blackheads at Home – 5 Effective Blackhead Home Remedies

If you have acne, sometimes it can seem absolutely hopeless. You may not only suffer with the whiteheads alone, but also with the hard to deal with blackheads. It can be very frustrating unless you have a few in home blackhead treatment options available to you. Following are 5 blackhead treatment options and acne treatment options that are recommended by experts in skin care:

Gentle Skin Exfoliates: By removing the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, you keep the pores from clogging up and leading to blackheads in the first place.

Facial Masks:If you have just 10 minutes, 3 times a week. Clean your skin well and put on a facial mask. Have a seat and relax. The mask will go deep into the pores and help loosen the debris that has collected in the pores; from excess oils to dead skin cells. When you rinse off the mask use warm water and cleanse your skin thoroughly.

Proper Diet: If you follow a few simple diet rules, you can ensure the best looking skin possible. Drink 8 eight ounce glasses of water every day; without fail. Eat salad greens and spinach where possible, the natural sodium and sulfur in these foods ‘feeds’ your skin essential minerals.

Extracting Blackheads:If you simply must extract the blackheads quickly, be certain to use the proper tool designed just for extraction. Never use your fingers or fingernails as they can be too harsh and tear the skin. If you tear the skin, you will likely cause infection at the site and a whole new problem to boot.

Steam The Blackheads Out:Steam causes the pores to open up. Once you have the pores open, it’s easy to use a gentle PH soap with a wash cloth and gently work out the debris stuck in the pores.

Blackhead treatment is serious business and to be sure you are doing it properly you should consult a guide written by experts.